How to Make Yourself Hold until She Is Satisfied

All healthy relationships basically depend on the strength of the bond between the two partners. One of the best ways to help you find out if your relationship is on the right path is if your intimate life is healthy. While it might be easy for many couples to jump into bed or anywhere else and engage in sexual activity, however, some men might encounter problems such as premature ejaculation and many more. While you might want to make yourself hold until she is satisfied, it does not happen. However, this should not make you lose hope, below are some of the tips that you can use to achieve that.

Change the sex position

There is no doubt that you have your favorite sex position that you must find yourself using any time you have sex. In order to hold yourself, you will need to change things a bit by trying new positions. When you switch positions, it will allow you to get a break in the process. Hence, your pace will be able to slow down as well as your way to climax.


Experts say that edging can help train your body to delay and also enable you to spend a lot of time at the edge. When you are relaxed, and by yourself, it will only take you between 30 to 40 minutes to stimulate yourself, as well as taking yourself to the edge of orgasm many times until you become used to it. As a woman, you can easily tell if your man is almost ejaculating by either asking or noticing the pace.


Most men like focusing a lot on how they can hold ejaculation instead of focusing on the whole experience of sex. Hence, it is important that you apply the distraction technique; this will help you in getting off your mind from the climax. You can also achieve this by training your mind for it to be in a position to think of something else, in the long run, your orgasm will have slowed down hence you will have more time for sex and make her satisfied.

Take the lead

Any time you have sex, you should always ensure that you are on top. This is because this position will allow you to control the rhythms well as the movements. You will also be in a position to stop moving whenever you notice that you are about to ejaculate. With this technique, you will be in a position to hold your ejaculation and last longer.

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